Remedial Massage

The term massage has been referred to as ‘to knead’ in Greek and to ‘press softly’ in Arabic. Massage is the oldest form of medicine that is known to man and could get traced back to 400BC in the Chinese manuscripts.

We could record that massage therapy is one of the fastest growing treatment methodologies in the stream of health care. Remedial massage is based on the concept that a lot of soft tissues respond to touch, and most of the pain has their origin in soft tissues.

These soft tissues and muscles help in moving and stabilising their joint and armour internal organs, a gentle massage on them helps relieving a lot of underlying problems.

How remedial massage works?

  • Hands of the massage therapist are their important tool, which helps in treating patients and detecting their emotional and physical problems.
  • The therapist determines condition of the tissues by gentle palpation and manipulation, estimates the exact source of pain and then corrects it through remedial treatment.
  • Massaging therapy works in two ways through different systems of the body, namely a reflex action and a mechanical action.
  • Mechanical action is created when deep tissues and muscles of the body get moved by stretching movement and pressure.
  • Reflex action is created when treatment on one part of the body affects another part just like an electric connection.
  • By using this reflex action, therapist would treat a stomach complaint by massaging the arms, or treat pain of the lower back by massaging the legs.
  • Most of our clients look out for massage therapy when they are in pain and massage does help.

    But what we feel passionate about our traditional Chinese massage centre is that, our clients not just feel no pain but live with an exceptional state of health.

    Our clients not just report less pain but exert more energy, less stress, better posture and they also stay active doing what they love. We also have a promise to promote health and well-being in our community through our traditional Chinese practices.

    We offer deep tissue massage and other allied Chinese medical services to help assist circulation, promote healing and help in pain alleviation. Do contact our clinic for more details relevant to treatment methodologies that best suits one’s situation.