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January 24, 2016
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Chinese Medicine to Cure Infertility

The woman dreams to become pregnant

There are a number of journal reports that suggest that women receiving Chinese treatments were twice as likely to get rid of infertility problems and get pregnant sooner compared with their counterparts receiving western medical treatment and IVF techniques to get pregnant. Apart from addressing reproductive issues, Chinese medicine also serves as a key component to treat other problems with menstruation and reproductive health. Therapeutic factors in Chinese medicine for fertility not just target on female infertility, but help re-establish balance and decrease stress, while regulate menstrual cycle and hormones. It also recognises that infertility originate from a problem that is more functional and is independent of physical structures.


Role of Chinese herbs in Treating Infertility:

There is a long history behind the concept of Chinese herbs for infertility, records trace this period back to 200 A.D. The first book that has been devoted completely for the diseases and their treatment in women was first published in 1237 A.D. There are more than 150 different herbs that are formulated into complex formulas and used to address organic and functional problems leading to infertility. Though the formulas of these herbs have modified over centuries, their base is still kept the same and could include roots, leaves, barks, fruits, flowers etc. Though the outcome of fertility treatment could not get predicted, many clinical studies conducted in China indicate that 70% of the infertility cases treated with Chinese herbs have restored infertility in both men and women and has resulted in pregnancy.

Depending on the types of infertility treated, success rates range between 50% and 90%. Some common types of infertility treated with Chinese herbs are obstruction of fallopian tubes, absent ovulation, uterine fibroids, absent ovulation, low sperm count etc.


Beautiful belly of a pregnant woman

Infertility treated with Acupuncture Techniques:

A number of studies conducted at the University of Maryland School of medicine reveal that the use of acupuncture enhances the success of IVF therapy by at least 65%. Also, acupuncture aids other conventional infertility treatments; acupuncture treatment performed on the day of IVF and IUI implantations, and improves their success rates manifolds. Acupuncture for fertility has the following advantages:

  • Balances levels of follicle stimulating hormone in blood and regulates menstruation.
  • Enhances testicle and ovary health, improving sperm and egg quality.
  • Improves blood supply to the uterus and thickens the uterine lining.
  • Decreases risk of miscarriage and promotes prompt implantation.
  • Relieves one from stress related with infertility treatments.
  • Enhances IVF and IUI success rates.



Most women who have failed in one or more than one IVF attempts have succeeded with Chinese treatment methodologies to treat infertility. In a recent study conducted on 160 women and its results published in the journal of fertility and sterility in April 2002, it has been proved that incorporating Chinese treatments to traditional IVF treatment methodologies, enhanced pregnancy success substantially.


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