All you need to know about Goji Berry

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All you need to know about Goji Berry

Goji Berry in a wooden cup

Nutritional information and health benefits of Goji Berry

When taking about Goji Berry, Rosanna Lee, the nutritional expert says that, “the sky is the limit to incorporate Goji berries in one’s diet”.

Goji Berry could be considered both as a herb and a fruit and are found in European and Asian countries. These are packed and sold in bulk across North America and tempts people to buy it for its nutritional benefits despite its cost. They are rich in anti-oxidants like all other berries and are known for its anti-cancer effects and nutritious skin. They are the size of the tip of a finger and have been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that goji berries are natural remedies for hypertension, diabetes and even malaria.

How to use Goji berries:

Goji berries with Cereal

Goji berries with Cereal

Most commonly, these are sold dried, but at times they are found as fresh fruits as well, they could be enjoyed as raisins and fresh berries, or could be added in cereal, yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. They could be added with other raw nuts and chocolate chips for a delicious trial mix. They also taste good when cooked with turkey or lean pork and their vitamin C content helps in absorbing iron from the diet.

Health benefits of Goji berries:

Many studies have found that these berries offer a feeling of calmness and wellness, and offer better athletic performance. They are known to improve the quality of sleep, treat insomnia and promote weight loss. There is high level of antioxidants in these berries, especially zeaxanthin, which gives the berries its bright color. This antioxidant helps in protecting the body cells against breaking down, when they get exposed to smoke and radiation.

Goji berry is also referred to as wolf berries and have long been enjoyed in Himalayas and in China for their bright color and sweet taste. It has been considered as medicinal plant is china and is been used to treat problems with eyes, kidneys and liver. A recent study that has been published on American journal of optometry has proven that these berries could protect against macular degeneration in the eyes. Other studies have shown that people who took the berry continuously for fourteen days showed significant improving in their digestive function and energy levels. These are also known to fight common infections such as flu in the elderly people, and thus be used to treat common cold and sore throat.

Side effects of Goji berries:

It has been shown that there are negative reactions on those using the berry and blood thinners simultaneously, and in diabetic patients, according to some sources. It has been discussed that goji berries could interact with warfarin and other anti-hypertensive drugs. It is good to talk with the doctor first before using the berry.

But goji berries have a distinct advantage over a number of other health foods, its bright color is surely appetizing and its flavor is tempting and appealing. There are a number of researches to support that consuming the berry could make one feel better in a number of different ways. All these researches and arguments, could surely help one is considering to add Goji berries in their diet.


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