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Insomnia and Chinese Medicine


Get your sleep problems addressed the natural way through Chinese Medicine

More than 60% of the general population has been battling chronic or acute insomnia, which is described as insufficient and poor quality sleep. The result of sleep disturbance is not just exhaustion and irritability but also impaired cognitive function, stiffness in muscles and a number of other health problems. Sleep deprivation is considered to root from an emotional or physical problem according to western medicine, but traditional Chinese medicine views this as a result of imbalance in fundamental energy the ‘qi’. It also offers natural relief and remedial measures to treat insomnia contrary to addictive prescription medicines.


Causes of Insomnia according to modern Chinese medicine:

·      Modern Chinese medicine considers good sleep as a sign of good health and health balance and insomnia is consequent of any of the following factors according to the practitioners,

·      Stagnation of qi of Liver which then transforms into Liver Fire: In most of the people having liver qi stagnation, we could see red line along the edges of the tongue and in the Liver-gall bladder spot. People also show signs of anger, irritability, burning eyes etc.

·      Phlegm heat getting disturbed: This condition is due to over eating and drinking and is seen in people with poor dietary habits, the tongue is coated and pulse is slippery.

·      Yin deficiency- hyperactivity of Fire: this deficiency results in early awake and weak sleep types. Tip of the tongue alone gets dark red and patient is anxious, nervous and has worry issues.

·      Deficiency of heart and spleen: chronic insomnia is a cause of spleen and blood deficiency and is common in aged people and those recovering from chronic illness.

·      Deficiency of heart and gall bladder: People, who are pessimistic, frightened and who worry excessively show signs of this deficiency.


Treating chronic insomnia with traditional Chinese medicine:

Good and sound sleep indicates good health. Poor sleep indicates clear imbalance in the body. As sleep is important in strengthening one’s immune system, disturbed sleep could affect one’s mood, health and energy level. In treating insomnia, traditional Chinese medicine makes use of meridians and pressure points to track the balance and functioning of our blood and organs. Each of the body organ house different forms of our spirit and insomnia is associated with heart and liver problems. The gall bladder meridian is blamed for sleep disturbance through repetitive dreams and nightmares. When insomnia pattern is identified in a person, the practitioner personalizes a course of treatment for individual client and the most effective treatment for insomnia is a combination of Chinese herbal formula which is incorporated in the diet of the client and acupuncture. These herbal formulations enhance blood flow to the liver and heart and help to calm the liver meridian. Herbal formulas would include variety of herbs depending on the health status of the client. Individual treatment plans are formulated to address individual issues of clients.

Acupuncture treatment helps in releasing additional neurotransmitters such as serotonin into the CNS to help regulate sleep patterns. Acupuncture treatment also has a number of other positive benefits and is effective to treat a variety of health problems it is also a sterile technique and is free of all side effects. Through acupuncture it is possible to promote normal sleeping patterns naturally without creating any hangover effect that most pills cause. So if you are someone having serious problems with sleep, then it is a best choice to give traditional Chinese medicine a try before consuming powerful prescription medicines.

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