Traditional Chinese Medicine is your New Stress Buster!

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February 14, 2016
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Traditional Chinese Medicine is your New Stress Buster!

Stress and Chinese Medicine

Stress and related anxiety problems are said to affect the Zang organs and Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique approach to treat them. According to TCM, the heart Zang stores the Shen and all Zen orangs are responsible for our emotions. Zang of Liver is associated with anger, Spleen Zang is related with excessive worry and Lung Zan with anxiety and grief. Disturbance in these Zang organs results in imbalanced emotional status. As Chinese medicine states the reasons for stress, it also paves way to treat it.

Problems with stress:

Constant stress and emotional disturbance could result in many potential illnesses such as depleted immune system and emotional weakness. Symptoms of severe stress could include anxiety, insomnia, headache, fatigue, rigid shoulders and neck, problems with digestion etc. obesity and weight gain are clear symptoms of stress for some while some could have muscle wasting from depression.

Chinese treatment methodologies to deal with stress:

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is one best way to enhance circulation in the body and seems to be an effective solution to treat emotional stress. As stress results in tightening up muscles and aches and pains, acupuncture helps in alleviating such pain by relaxing muscles and opening their meridian channels.
  • Massage: Foot massage helps in alleviating stress, and there are a number of towns and villages in china to get a good foot massage. According to Chinese medicine, foot connects to the earth and energy from earth circulates all through our body, foot transmits this energy to all our internal organs responsible for stress management as well.
  • Tui Na: This unique massage from china, focuses on not just the muscle but also on circulating Qi in the body. This massage opens the meridian channels in the body helping in muscle relaxation. This massage also brings down pains and aches that are associated with stress.
  • Herbal treatment: there are hundredths of Chinese herbs available to work on stress and on balancing the body. For example, Chrysanthemum is a light yellow flower that has been used for thousands of years in the form of tea. Chrysanthemum tea helps in relaxing the mind and in strengthening the liver. Jujube seeds are also used to calm the mind and to decrease emotional levels. Another herb of significance is valerian root which is also prepared into a tea to relax.
  • Meditation: medication has the best effect on reducing stress and in promoting one’s health. Some forms of meditation that is effective in dealing with stress are Tai Chi, Qi Gong and siting meditation.
  • Walking barefoot: One could try walking barefoot with their shoes off, if they are excessively stressed. This also helps in opening the meridian points in the feet.
  • Diet: there are some dietary suggestions to help manage with stress, to get relieved from stress, do not eat late in the night and try to take small and frequent meals.Diet and Stress-relieving

Chew the food well before swallowing and do not overeat. It is a good practice to sit down and eat, and select foods that are available locally,  organically in that particular season.

Research report suggests that 80% of people are admitted in hospitals or seek medical care as their stress manifests into a serious health problem. Though our body is loaded with stress management systems to support during acute episodes of stress, it wards off with constant stress that people are facing at recent days. All these traditional Chinese treatment methodologies aim in balancing the internal organs and to diminish the symptoms of stress remarkably. Chinese medicine has been dealing with the symptoms of stress for thousands of years and thereby helping people maintain a tranquil health state.

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