Chinese Medicine Helps Losing Weight & Staying Away From Obesity

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May 22, 2016
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Chinese Medicine Helps Losing Weight & Staying Away From Obesity

Manage Obesity and Lose Weight with Chinese Medicine

Obesity is considered as an enhanced body weight and accumulation of excessive body fat of more than 20% of average body weight. Obesity is sought to be a cause of excessive consumption of food and lack of exercise. Recent medical research shows the efficacy of Chinese medicine to lose weight, to inhibit production of fat, to improve intestinal movement and speed up the metabolic process. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the reasons for obesity differently and these reasons are listed here.

Causes of obesity from traditional Chinese medicine perspective:

Enhanced internal Phlegm and dampness: Phlegm plays an important role in Chinese medicine, denoting discharge from nose, mucus from couch and stagnant fluids in the body. Spleen is said to be the cause of Phlegm production and damaged spleen fails to remove these metabolic waster that gathers into evil dampness and fat tissues.

Stagnation of Qi and Blood: people suffering from this exhibit lack of confidence, irritability, menstrual disorder and infertility. Sometimes there could be dizziness and numbness in extremities with a thread pulse. Reason behind these is that blood is not moving smoothly which in turn inhibits the vital energy and results in obesity over time.

Stagnation in Liver: liver stagnation resulting from stress, depression and strong emotions results in disharmony between the liver and spleen and results in fluid retention. The ebb and flow of liver and gall bladder goes unbalanced and Qi does not flow freely, fat turbidity gets difficult to get transformed and results in obesity.

Managing Obesity through Chinese Medicine:

Do not Alter dietary regime quite often: This is recommended for those who do not have a strong digestive fire and experience excessive bloating, gas formation and sluggish feeling after food. Also, avoid food that causes bloating and include those that support one’s wellbeing.

Choose to eat foods that are full of Qi: Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and organic meat. It is a good practice to consume natural foods and avoid packages, refined and artificial food ingredients.Manage Obesity by Eating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Ensure that food one eats does not steal the vital energy: According to traditional Chinese medicine, cold, raw, sugary and caffeine containing foods consume more Qi and in turn offer artificial Qi. More the Qi, more the weight loss, less Qi results in obesity.

Chinese Herbal supplements: Taking herbal supplements continuously could result in weight loss. These herbs help in suppressing appetite and improves body metabolism. Some examples of these supplements include Ultra Fen Chi, Metabo Chi, Thermo Slim Chi, Digest Chi etc. These herbs also act best when combined with Chinese herbal tonics.

Acupressure to suppress hunger: Acupressure points that suppress hunger are located as tiny triangle of cartilage on the front of the ear canal. These diamond shaped points are powerful to reduce appetite and when they are pinched intermittently for 30 to 90 seconds just ten minutes before meals, they could prevent over eating.

Maintaining regular bowel movements: Using herbal tonics, such as Bowel Build Chi or Bowel Cleanse Chi, helps in regularising bowel movements. Improper bowel movement over a period of time could result in stagnation of toxins and other impurities in the intestine. These wastes hinder digestive process and prevent absorption of vital nutrients in the body.

Warm water in the morning: Consuming lot of warm water in the morning flushes the bowels and awakens the metabolic process. Also avoid taking much water with meals as it results in stagnation and impairs digestion.

Fight overweight through traditional Chinese techniques and decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, arthritis etc. Chinese medicine has the most powerful and natural techniques to reduce weight naturally with no side effects.

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